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***EDIT: You might need this to assist you with your 2012 London Olympics coverage: wasanolympicrecordsettoday.com.***

1. Barbie & Ken get married…see their day captured on film by a French photographer.

2. The Chap Olympiad: British guys compete in British pasttimes. Here’s the description:

The Olympiad is an annual contest of gentlemanly prowess and features competitive events like butler racing and umbrella jousting. An elegant dress code is enforced and absolutely no denim is permitted.

3. Survival Guide: when to buy things in bulk. Good for those who like to buy in bulk, people who want to be prepared, and conspiracy theorists. Attention, Ben, Dave, and other oatmeal enthusiasts: apparently January is National Oatmeal Month.

4. I need to have two reading lists: a “Books to Read” list, and a “Books I’m Thinking About Reading” list. Idea borrowed from a woman who writes about de-cluttering life.

5. A good description of why it’s ok to re-read books from The Curator. Sometimes I feel guilty for wanting to re-read books when there are so many other books I haven’t gotten to yet! Why waste my time when I could be learning something new?! But the truth is that I learn new things from closer inspection of great books. And sometimes I just love the comfort and familiarity of inhabiting a world created by an author, and I want to go visit my old friends again.

6. Speaking of visiting, I want to visit this “adult-friendly” park. I agree with the author’s point: most playgrounds these days are overly-sanitized. I recently visited a playground near my grandparents’ house that I loved as a child, and was saddened to see that all the old equipment had been replaced with primary-colored plastic that was too small for a child older than 4 to enjoy….. It isn’t replacing old rusty swings that saddens me, it is the paranoia of even a hint of danger. As a child, the great thing about the Tall Slide was that it didn’t seem completely safe; there was a small chance (yes, the chance was pretty small, but still…) that I could get hurt if I fell, so I was determined to conquer the slide. And it was such a long slide too. Slides these days are so short you have to start climbing the steps to go again before you’re finished sliding down.

Ok. That’s enough of my playground rant. :)
More next time; enjoy the interwebs!